Growing up with, and still living with a speech impairment,
verbal communication, which most
people takes for granted, was one Filip’s greatest challenges.
Being an extrovert person, limited by his disability and often enduring hurtful comments about his stuttering, created the passion to help
and inspire others to reach their dreams, dare to make their voice heard and to make kindness a natural part of our communication.
Achieving the dream to become a speaker was a tough challenge. Through years of personal training to manage and control the stuttering, Filip’s journey to become a public speaker started with an education in rhetoric. But it wasn’t until he become a finalist in the 60 second pitch competition #Unionenpitch 2017 that he decided to peruse his career as a public speaker after experiencing the power of inspiration first hand after being praised by Swedish profiles and famous entrepreneurs Per Holknekt and Svante Randlert.
From a dream that could be considered impossible to achieve, Filip has so far been called “Sweden’s next top pubclic speaker” and inspires thousands of people daily.