Communication development for managers and leaders

Optimize your public speaking skills and your benevolent leadership!

Filip’s coaching is based on his concepts and motos “no one should turn down a communicative challenge” and “benevolence is the prerequisite for your own and others performance and well-being” and will help you through inspiration and communicative tools to take your leadership skills to the next level.

“Daring to perform public speaking and knowing how to make an impact is essential in order to lead”

Speech, rhetoric and motivational 

Due to his stutter, Filip has lifelong experience in what it means to handle the perhaps greatest challenges we allface during a lifetime – public speaking.

Results you can expect;

  1. Motivation and increased courage to dare to speak infront of others.
  2. Speech and rhetorical techniques that manages your voice and nervousness while optimizing your performance.  

Benevolent leadershipdevelopment

“Your success in creating high-performance teams as a leader is based on how you make your employees feel”

Maximizing your employees performance and well-being is about how you as a leader communicate and what culture you create. 

Results you can expect;

  1. Insight to the psychological effects of your communicative leadership.
  2. Communicative advice that will create high performance teams and increased well-being in your work culture.