"In the advances of technology, we need people like Filip who work for and with people and who maximize our potential!"

Per Holknekt, Swedish entrepreneur and speaker

The speaker

”Filip Reineby is Sweden’s next top public speaker!

“I have listened to many lectures on rhetoric and public speaking, but yours was the best I have seen so far! You gave a whole new angle to it all and made it all very interesting! ”

"Filip is an inspiring and personal speaker who sows seeds in our students and staff about what bullying affects and does with the person who is affected and how kindness and your own attitude can bring you to your dreams."

“Filips talk was just as useful for the public speaker as for the unexperienced speaker.  The ten- second pitch will be very useful to several of our emplyees in our sales team and this talk will definitely benefit their presentations”

"If ten is the best - TEN!  I believe and hope we will see more of him in the future!"


"Filip is a committed and enthusiastic speaker who demonstrates in a positive and supporting way that you can reach any dream and that your own attitude is crucial for your development"

The coach

”Filip shared his experiences and advice on managing stuttering and also gave advice on how to
change my own attitude to living with stuttering. Priceless and an extremely generous gesture”

“An energy booze! Filip’s knowledge and inspiring energy is amazing and I really recommend
anyone who wants to develop their rhetorical ability and communicative leadership to engage Filip
to be inspired.”
– CEO Webropol

“I turned to Filip for help for my son (14 years old) who stutters.  He increased my son’s
self-confidence to dare to go to his first job interview. This was really worth gold for us!  Without Filip’s
help, he had not gone to the interview.”

“Filip is attentive, responsive and structured in his way of identifying needs and gives advice that
can improve both the major and the more detailed parts of my presentation skills.”
– HR Generalist Metrolit Byggnads AB

The Konferencier/Moderator

“We hired Filip to be the conferencier of the #socialmediaday in Örebro. I had only followed Filip on
LinkedIn before our first meeting but I was struck by a professionalism and a hunger that suited our
team set-up for the day. Filip stepped into our project group and took an obvious place in the team

where he always did the little extra and really got into our event. We were so incredibly pleased
with his participation and how he stepped onto the stage on our big day and really owned it!  He
received incredibly good reviews from our participants and we could only agree. If you want a
committed, dedicated, accessible, professional, communicative conferencier, Filip is the one!”

– Tina Lindahl, LinkedIn influencer and co-founder of The Social Media Day

“Reliable, impressive and so brave!  If I ever think something feels challenging in the future, I will
think of him to gain strength, very good moderator!”

“We hired Filip after seeing him live and felt instantly that we should have him have as a
conferencier on one of our housing policy debate at Örebro University.
Filip quickly shouldered the task and delivered with courage in the fierce debate that was going on.
 He has a genuine expression, commitment and it is easy to follow Filip in his way of leading. He
also worked very smoothly digitally to bring in questions from the audience. The panel felt safe in
his leadership.
We can warmly recommend Filip as a conferencier to others.”

– Jessica Collin, Communicator, Tenant Association Region Mitt

“He was good at giving the speakers the same amount of time each (when several were on stage
at the same time) and having a nice, personal appeal to the audience – where he did not
emphasize himself but focused precisely on today’s speaker.”

“Incredibly good at capturing details, asking the right questions and keeping everyone informed
about what would happen during the day, he really made us in the audience a part of this event.  I
Can warmly recommend him.”

The finalist of #Unionspitch

“I love Filip’s human perspective. People can do so much more than they think and people such as
Filip can probably poke the best in one team.  In the advances of technology, people like Filip who
work for and with people and maximize our potentia!”
-Per Holknekt

“His drive, passion and commitment go straight through the camera and he pitch himself to the
right employer who shares his passion and vision”.
  – Svante Randlert, Academic Work